Interview with Gaëtan Serrigny cofounder of Constellations

An inspiring meeting with the one who becomes his partner and the superb Laurentian sunsets gave Gaëtan Serrigny the wings to create Constellations, small innovative spaces. Gaetan’s advice “If you have the opportunity to share the adventure, to go into business with a Quebec partner – who also has a special link with the Laurentians […]

A constellation of micro-dwellings

After installing its first Kujuk in 2022, Constellations delivered its first two Tenji on December 23. The news requires decoding. Constellations designs and manufactures autonomous, self-sufficient and eco-responsible micro-dwellings, which can be placed in nature. Ecopods, they say. Two days before Christmas, the very young company from Lachute delivered to the Terra Perma ecotourism center […]

From Prototype to Ecopod – The Constellations process!

Constellations already offers sustainable and eco-responsible elements in its production such as eco-certified finishing wood without VOCs, interior and exterior wood treatment with natural and ecological oil also without VOCs, local materials, the use recycled materials for the counters and natural ecological insulation. But the challenge does not stop there! The Startup now wants to […]

Constellations au SIVIIM 2022

Short interview at SIVIIM 2022 with the charming Jean Claude Durousseaud from JCD&B Networking. Indeed, Constellations Espaces Innovants was selected among several startups to participate in the International Summit for Innovation in Median Cities (SIIViM) 2022 Thetford Mines edition. This international event creates economic bridges between median cities around the world and their innovative companies. […]

Les espaces innovants de Constellations arrivent à Terra Perma !

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lachute, MRC of Argenteuil The innovative Constellations spaces are coming to Terra Perma! Constellations ecopods will be available from fall 2022! This accommodation offer consists of 4 autonomous and eco-responsible Tenji ecopods offering spacious spaces with all the necessary amenities for Terra Perma visitors to enjoy an ideal stay in […]

Constellations is part of the 2022 Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest

Innovation makes us swooooooooon. In collaboration with the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, we’re thrilled to announce the 25 winners of the 2022 Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest. First imagined by Claudine Blondin, ICD.D and Stephen Bronfman 10 years ago, the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest allows some of the brightest lights in our local startup scene to take in all that […]

Catalogue 2022 Constellations Ecopods

During the last years, a dedicated team is dedicated to the development of Constellations. Architecture, innovation, eco-design and know-how come together to give birth to this Quebec company based in the Laurentians. The conducting wire ? Enriching people’s lives by providing unique accommodation experiences that are fully optimized with and respectful of nature. Following this […]

Rethinking entrepreneurship

About Innove Inc. Episode 21 Having an idea is good, but how do we do in 2022 to make it profitable, and at the same time minimize its impact on the environment? In episode 21 of Innove Inc., we discuss topics surrounding eco-design, from ideation to commercialization, including prototyping and intellectual property. Our guests, François […]

Constellations launches the Tenji : The next step in ecopods evolution

Constellations continues to innovate and offers its new line of Tenji ecopods. This new product is inspired by the Kujuk but offers a simplified integration of the architectural concept of Constellations. The Tenji will be produced at Startup’s workshop this summer and will be deployed, among other places, at the reservoir Gouin in Québec. The […]