Say Hello to Kujuk!

Constellations first hybrid, autonomous and eco-responsible tiny home for adventurers and star gazers!

Reinventing Tiny Spaces

Inspired by sacred geometry, specifically the design of mandalas, Constellations creates small, intelligent living spaces, adapted and completely optimized with regard to their environment.


By prioritizing recycled materials (ocean plastic, recycled metal and wood) and by installing an intelligent dashboard in each of its Constellations, the company wishes to put forward green functionalities and develop a new type of small house, smarter and energy efficient.


Fully selfed powered with solar panels, All our constellations come into a 12 Volt electric current. Constellations Tiny House have multiple options available from rainwater recovery system, to solar panels, to integrated compost/waste Solution allowing full off-grid autonomy.


Constellations relies on a modular design (made in a workshop) of the different parts of the house to be delivered and assembled at the destination site. The objective is to reconcile customer expectations in terms of quality, living space and interior comfort while respecting environmental constraints.


Constellations recognizes that different customers have different desires and value personalization; therefore, we offer a variety of “Shades of Green” Constellation options. Constellations allows its customers to define the materials and thus give them full control over the final product.

Interior & functionalities

You can fully customize your Kujuk with a vast variety of options that allow you to create your own and unique Constellation!


The Kujuk can receive 2 people. With 68 square feet, the Kujuk is one of the most compact and comfortable off-grid living space. The sofa can easily be turned into a bed. With 190 liters of storage space spread out around the structure, it is easy to organize your belongings and store your food. Different panels are strategically placed to give full access to the battery system, the grey water, the propane gas tank and the rain water recuperation filters.


Simplicity and functionality above all, our kitchen set was inspired by the Van Life. We designed our kitchen to be practical but also efficient. The counter can be covered with a wood plate transforming the area into a counter. A 12v fridge underneath the counter and a two-burner stove make the Kujuk kitchen the perfect off-grid cooking space. Furthermore, the Kujuk can be connected to water or have its own system to administrate grey water using a UV light to purify it.


The Kujuk is inspired by the pillars of sacred geometry more precisely of the mandalas. All the angles and openings make this space a sanctuary, an ideal refuge to recharge your batteries and connect with nature. The space perfectly accommodates the practice of yoga and other movement practices. In addition, the positioning of the small mezzanine is optimal for long and deep meditations.


Constellations intends to develop an intelligent dashboard that will allow occupants to have an overview of their real-time consumption of their water, heating and energy resources. The dashboard will have alerts and can notify occupants if resources are overused. This will allow better eco-energetic awareness. The Kujuk comes with a full 12 volts light systeme integrated.

Exo-Squeleton, Cover & Adaptability

The Kujuk’s shell is a great innovation. Composed of different materials and adjustable to its occupant desire, it’s multiple purposes will fit any situation.


The geopositioning of the Kujuk on its final destination is crucial and defines the interaction with the elements surrounding it. According to the climate zone where the Kujuk will be shipped, the cover of the exoskeleton will be adapted to fully ensure the comfort and the safety of its occupants.


The exoskeleton is the outside structure where the panels and the eco-tarp will be installed. The panels are fully insulated for winter. Each panel can be closed or with a window depending on the positioning and client choice. The éco-tarp will consist of a 3 layers system: opaque insulated and heat retainer (winter outside layer), opaque or transparent tent fabric (middle layer), mosquito net (inside layer).


From Snow, to rain and strong winds, the Kujuk can stand it all! Our frame and multi-layers panels can adapt to any kind of weather, from the Canadian winter to the South-American humid and hot weather. You can easily create shade and / or wind circulation by opening one section and closing the other.


The Kujuk can be shipped world-wide, disassembled in a small size container. The structure, the exoskeleton and the cover can be easily assembled within a day by 2 people. Constellations provide video tutorials and client support for the installation of the Kujuk.

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The Partners

To create a constellation, it takes more than one Star! Thanks to all our partners who help us both financially and strategically. Their support is essential to fulfilling our mission.