Rethinking entrepreneurship

About Innove Inc. Episode 21 Having an idea is good, but how do we do in 2022 to make it profitable, and at the same time minimize its impact on the environment? In episode 21 of Innove Inc., we discuss topics surrounding eco-design, from ideation to commercialization, including prototyping and intellectual property. Our guests, François […]

Constellations launches the Tenji : The next step in ecopods evolution

Constellations continues to innovate and offers its new line of Tenji ecopods. This new product is inspired by the Kujuk but offers a simplified integration of the architectural concept of Constellations. The Tenji will be produced at Startup’s workshop this summer and will be deployed, among other places, at the reservoir Gouin in Québec. The […]

Kujuk as an architectural breakthrough

With the world events that have taken place recently related to the pandemic, there has been a lot of thinking around the current model of urban life. Not only has life in the city been questioned by many, but also the way in which living spaces are designed and the possibilities of redefining the needs, […]

Interview with Constellations founders François Turgeon et Gaëtan Serrigny

Here is a small Video interview Directed by Sébastien Delporte. Discover how the Kujuk is Inspired by sacred geometry, more specifically mandalas. Constellations builds small smart living spaces, adapted and completely optimized for their environment. Constellations offers with its first #tinyhouse the Kujuk #kujukecopod an innovative living space concept to lighten the impact we have […]

Visit of the Vice-Premier of Quebec and the the Deputy of Argenteuil

Thank you to Geneviève Guilbault – MP for Louis-Hébert and also Deputy Premier of Quebec and Agnès Grondin – MP for Argenteuil for this great visit to the Camping Municipal De Brownsburg-Chatham campsite in the presence of the mayor of the city Kévin Maurice – Mayor of Brownsburg-Chatham and its general manager Jean-François Brunet It […]

The Constellations Shop

The Start Up’s workshop space located in Lachute serves as a laboratory for the first iterations of the Kujuk and the various related concepts. There we develop our first prototypes and operational models for production as well as, of course, the various architectural concepts of our prefabricated eco-responsibles. Being close to the Brownsburg town campground, […]

Reinventing tiny spaces

The Kujuk écopod is the first product developed by Constellations, a Quebec startup that offers a new accommodation experience thanks to a local, eco-responsible and self-sufficient product. With an architectural style based on sacred geometry and more particularly on mandalas, our goal is to create a modern, off-grid space, combining simplicity and high-end materials. The […]

Constellations Launch is ecopod – Vidéo interview

The Town of Brownsburg-Chatham and Constellations are proud to announce a partnership for a bold addition to the municipal campground.Brownsburg-Chatham, September 27, 2021 – The Town of Brownsburg-Chatham aims to support innovative recreation and housing solutions for visitors to its campground. In this guideline, the Town of Brownsburg-Chatham is pleased to announce the order of […]

Website in Construction

Thank you for your interest in Constellations. We are a small start up and are working hard to finalize our website. Check back soon for access to this section of the site.

The best part of the adventure

Choose your ecopod, save and get passive level isolation house included*
This special offer is valid until August 30, 2023, the latest date by which the deposit for the ecopod must be received. Contact Constellations for more details. Certain conditions may apply.

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