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Innovative architecture


The Könek is a perfect fit for those who are seeking a comfortable and stylish ecopod for their family, as well as for real estate promoters who are looking for innovative and eye-catching designs for their clients. Its spacious interior and 20 feet of windows providing breathtaking views and ample natural light


Embrace the ultimate modern lifestyle

Living in the Könek is an exceptional experience, perfect for families who prioritize comfort, quality, and a deep connection with nature. With its innovative design, the Könek offers a perfect retreat from the hectic pace of modern life. The sustainable materials and superior insulation of the Könek ensure that you'll be surrounded by comfort and warmth all year round. Whether you're spending time with family, entertaining guests, or simply taking in the stunning natural surroundings, the Könek offers a perfect balance of convenience and relaxation. With its spacious interior, full kitchen, and beautiful design, the Könek is truly a one-of-a-kind living space that you won't want to leave.

Experience simplicity and comfort

Innovative architecture for modern living

The Könek's architecture was specifically designed to meet the needs of families who desire a modern living space with all the amenities of a conventional home, while maximizing space. From the strategic placement of windows to the open floor plan, every detail of the Könek's design is intended to create a spacious and functional living space that eliminates clutter and minimizes stress.


Setting the standard for sustainable building

The BES structure is a game-changer in low-carbon construction, offering a new approach to eco-friendly building that's not only sustainable, but also cost-effective. Thanks to its superior insulation and energy-efficient design, the BES structure helps to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions allowing a capability of saving up to 80% energy cost compared to a traditional home. It is also incredibly durable, backed by a 25-year warranty.

Floor plan

Spacious and efficient floor plan

The floor plan of the Könek offers versatility and functionality in a compact space. With options for either one or two closed bedrooms, a complete bathroom, and a full kitchen, this model is perfect for families or individuals who want to downsize without sacrificing convenience. With its array of customization options, the Könek can be personalized to meet the specific requirements of each client, making it a top choice for those in search of a contemporary and adaptable living space.

Könek Size options

210 sq ft

20×11 of living space with 1 closed


330 sq ft

30×11 of living space with 2 closed

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