The modularity of the Arfan allows
great flexibility in configurations and designs

Step inside the spacious and versatile ecopod




Innovative architecture


The Arfan stands out as a distinctive combination of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, providing a peaceful retreat with its impressive 480-600 sq. ft. interior. This ecopod offers two optional separate rooms, making it the perfect choice for small families or couples seeking a cozy living space.


Embrace the ultimate modern lifestyle

Living in the Arfan is an experience like no other. As our most spacious ecopod, the Arfan offers ample room for families, couples, or individuals seeking a comfortable and sustainable living space. With 480-600 sq. ft. of interior space, the Arfan provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. This ecopod is thoughtfully designed to maximize space, offering two separate rooms as an optional add-on. Whether you're using the second room as a guest room or an office, the Arfan is the perfect retreat to fit your lifestyle needs.


Experience simplicity and comfort

The Arfan's architecture is a marvel of modern design, boasting a stunning exterior and a spacious interior that maximizes comfort and convenience. The structure is built with modular design in mind, allowing for flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of each customer. The Arfan's ample windows allow natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and inviting living space.


Setting the standard for sustainable building

The BES structure of the Arfan model provides a sturdy and reliable foundation for a comfortable and sustainable living experience. The BES technology is designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing energy efficiency. With superior insulation and low carbon construction allowing a capability of saving up to 80% energy cost, the Arfan is an eco-friendly living space that offers the perfect blend of comfort and sustainability. It is also incredibly durable, backed by a 25-year warranty.

Floor plan

Spacious and efficient floor plan

The floor plan of the Arfan is designed to be modular, which means it can be easily customized and adapted to the unique needs and preferences. The modular design also makes it possible to add new features, such as additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or other amenities, as needed. This makes the Arfan an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and adaptable living space.

You can also opt for a custom kitchen module complete with all the necessary appliances and facilities. The bathroom module comes with a shower and sink, including the choice between composting or incinerating toilets, offering you a convenient and comfortable way to stay clean. The Murphy bed and sofa module offer flexible sleeping and seating options, making the Arfan perfect for all your needs.

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