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The Town of Brownsburg-Chatham and Constellations are proud to announce
a partnership for a bold addition to the municipal campground.Brownsburg-Chatham, September 27, 2021 – The Town of Brownsburg-Chatham aims to support innovative recreation and housing solutions for visitors to its campground.

In this guideline, the Town of Brownsburg-Chatham is pleased to announce the order of two “Kujuk” ecopods from Constellations, a company having its main place of business in Brownsburg-Chatham and which is committed to offering great innovations for small hosting spaces. This addition to the Brownsburg-Chatham campground, located on the shores of the Ottawa River, will certainly be an attractive element that will allow it to emerge as a leader in ecotourism and inspire other recreational sites in move to a post-carbon vision of the 21st century.

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The best part of the adventure

Choose your ecopod, save and get passive level isolation house included*
This special offer is valid until August 30, 2023, the latest date by which the deposit for the ecopod must be received. Contact Constellations for more details. Certain conditions may apply.

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