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Catalogue 2022 Constellations Ecopods

During the last years, a dedicated team is dedicated to the development of Constellations. Architecture, innovation, eco-design and know-how come together to give birth to

The Constellations Shop

The Start Up’s workshop space located in Lachute serves as a laboratory for the first iterations of the Kujuk and the various related concepts. There

Reinventing tiny spaces

The Kujuk écopod is the first product developed by Constellations, a Quebec startup that offers a new accommodation experience thanks to a local, eco-responsible and

Why an EcoPod?

With its Kujuk ecopod, Constellations offers an original and pioneering space in terms of architecture, interior design and eco-responsible living solutions. The specifications of Constellations

What is Constellations?

CONSTELLATIONS IS: an autonomous and eco-responsible tiny house that produces the energy its occupants need while ensuring that their environmental footprint is zero or positive