Les espaces innovants de Constellations arrivent à Terra Perma !


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The innovative Constellations spaces are coming to Terra Perma!

Constellations ecopods will be available from fall 2022! This accommodation offer consists of 4 autonomous and eco-responsible Tenji ecopods offering spacious spaces with all the necessary amenities for Terra Perma visitors to enjoy an ideal stay in nature. The integration of Constellations ready-to-camp adds an original accommodation option which, in addition to meeting the need for more nights available, will offer a new experience in a sophisticated 4-season ready-to-camp, comfortable and practical.

In addition, the two companies announce the birth of Stëla, a unique eco-housing real estate project on the territory of Terra Perma. The project of more than 26 ecopods which will go on sale in the fall/winter of 2022 will be part of the large Terra Perma forest park which is crisscrossed by vast pedestrian paths and natural corridors used by wildlife populations. New owners and visitors will also be able to enjoy a swim in a private lake of more than 40 acres with natural and intact margins.

About Constellations
Constellations is a startup based in the Laurentians dedicated to making innovative, ecological, and prefabricated spaces called ecopods, for a unique experience of accommodation in nature. Created in May 2021, Constellations is part of the Esplanade Québec incubator (Impact8 course) and in the summer of 2022 won first prize in the Osprendre contest for exploitation, processing and production at the national final. The company has received financial support from the Ministry of Innovation via its Incubation Bond program,

Constellations offers a new generation of ready-to-camp and structures, and specializes in eco-housing! The Constellations solution is ideal for tourism developments, campgrounds, outfitters and/or individuals who wish to offer unique experiences in sophisticated, innovative and ecological structures linked to the values ​​of its customers.

About Terra Perma
Terra Perma is a tourist destination located in the Laurentians, more precisely in the municipality of Harrington. This outdoor center has a diversified offer when it comes to small houses and unusual accommodations, offering unique experiences of immersion in nature in an area of ​​more than 800 acres.

Indeed Terra Perma is a pioneer when it comes to ready-to-camp in Quebec. The site currently has more than twenty accommodation units. You can spend the night in a cabin perched in the trees more than 28 feet above the ground, an earthship-style cabin, various cabins, yurts of different kinds, among others.

For more information: https://terraperma.ca/ https://constellations.house/?lang=fr
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Contact: Caley Crossman at 1-438-304-0340

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