What is Constellations?



  • an autonomous and eco-responsible tiny house that produces the energy its occupants need while ensuring that their environmental footprint is zero or positive thanks to a supply of drinking water and the composting of their waste and wastewater ;
  • a passive energy structure that allows its occupants to live there as if they were outside;
  • a modular design that reconciles customer expectations in terms of living space and interior comfort with environmental constraints, such as access to the site, sunshine, proximity to available resources and materials;
  • an invitation to simplicity without austerity: luxury and comfort await you thanks to a high-end service and a range of latest generation on-board technologies;
  • a gesture for our future, from design to delivery, including procurement, service and maintenance; any activity that creates greenhouse gases will be limited to its simplest expression and compensated for by different types of contribution or collaboration to initiatives with a positive environmental footprint. An online license will allow adequate constructions.
  • an investment, since each Constellation will be provided with a guarantee and a maintenance plan guaranteeing the maintenance of the quality of its properties and its market value. The starting selling price of a stand-alone Kujuk Model Constellation will be $ 25,000 Canadian (estimate).



  • in the leading position of designers-builders-distributors of autonomous non-motorized homes in restricted access areas in North America, through the direct sale of single-family homes via our interactive site allowing users to design their own constellations
  • leader in research and development in applied energy-efficient autonomy, small-scale drinking and wastewater treatment and healthy construction habits (re-use of materials, local supply, limited environmental footprint throughout the processes Creation,
    construction and installation)
  • developer of ecological communities in South America, in partnership with Momentum Collective A unique series of small houses will be developed especially for the art of the circus.
  • developer of new on-board technologies (solar- water filtration- charging), being initially
    subcontracted for obvious cost and intellectual property reasons.
  • owner of plans and patents relating to the original design and the technologies developed which it will market to a clientele of auto-builders and resellers.


** NOTE ** model shown above is the Vargen model (vertical garden)

Website in Construction

Thank you for your interest in Constellations. We are a small start up and are working hard to finalize our website. Check back soon for access to this section of the site.

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