The future is green and promises great adventures


I was looking in my archives for an image that could represent the Constellations. There was no shortage of choice. After more than five years of research and development, you can even get lost in all that was created! But there you have it, Constellations was born out of a deep desire for peace, a unique and healthy encounter with mother nature. I could have put one of our designs from before, but no, I preferred to take this photo of myself on an expedition in northern Quebec, near a lake with no name. Constellations wishes to nurture this precision of connection, defend it and cultivate its precious roots by offering innovative solutions in terms of autonomous and self-sufficient micro-dwellings.

Everything has to be done and built, the start up is launching its first model, the MVP Kujuk. The future is exciting and promises great adventures, we will deploy great initiatives to counter climate change. It is clear that we have the choice, when we go to meet our mother nature, we can opt for a minimal ecological footprint, deploy temporary or even ephemeral housing solutions that can turn short stays into an experience. unique and forever inscribed in the memory.A structure that can easily be assembled and disassembled, and this, on land with restricted access.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to this project with their creativity and their valuable advice, not to mention that we are all strangely connected by yoga and the love of dogs. In short, to make a constellation, it takes more than a star.

And to each of these stars, associate or collaborator, I say Thank you!

Gaetan Serrigny
Philip louis
Matthieu menard
Robert Rondeau
Clauderic St-Amand
Gabrielle Bonneville
Nicolas Greco
Jean-Christophe G. Fortier
Mathieu Brabant
Diana Karina Arbelaez Saenz
Johnathan Lecky
Malik Abdul

May Constellations create small innovative structures, bring creators to develop intelligent solutions in terms of eco days and eco responsible accommodation, for many years to come,

Website in Construction

Thank you for your interest in Constellations. We are a small start up and are working hard to finalize our website. Check back soon for access to this section of the site.

The best part of the adventure

Choose your ecopod, save and get passive level isolation house included*
This special offer is valid until August 30, 2023, the latest date by which the deposit for the ecopod must be received. Contact Constellations for more details. Certain conditions may apply.

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