The Mandala is our inspiration!


A mandala is a spiritual and / or ritual geometric configuration of symbols. The mandala can also be a card in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism. It also represents deities, or in the case of Shintoism, paradises, kami or even shrines. The mandala is considered to be one of the pillars of sacred geometry.

According to the beliefs of some cultures, mandalas are related to the energies of life. Eastern cultures consider for example that each color is associated with a chakra. These energy centers are connected to our being and the environment, and promote well-being. Therefore, the mandalas, which contain them, also promote it. They are a wonderful, legendary technique that brings us multiple benefits.

These benefits have been well documented both at the psychological level and artistic (sound, drawing, architecture).


Different studies have shown that mandalas help focus attention. So this is an excellent exercise to calm the feeling of stress and brighten up our spirit.

Some of the benefits of mandalas are as follows:

• They facilitate balance
• They bring peace and serenity
• Contemplating them brings a feeling of tranquility
• Mandalas help with concentration
• They facilitate full attention
• They allow us to put aside thoughts
and let creativity flow
• The arrangement of the figures conveys a feeling
• etc …


The basic elements used for the development of Mandala such as the circle, the triangle as well as the square, are all structural elements for the composition of a sacred geometry. Its founding elements and their characteristics are transposed to the structure and integrity itself of the Mandala. The expression of its parameters through a new structure allows a transformations of the values ​​brought by its elements.

Some of the advantages of a shaped structure of mandalas are:

• Balance between structural elements
• Transposition of geometric values
• Integrity of forms
• Centric forces
• Original openings and windows
• Facilitate adaptability
• Circular energy (circulation)
• Graphic representation of the being
• Variety of shapes
• Uniqueness of the structure
• etc …

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