Your dream project thanks to the collaboration between Constellations and La Société Immobilière Les Arpents verts inc.


Constellations Espaces Innovants, designer and producer of prefabricated modules, proudly announces a new collaboration with La Société Immobilière Les Arpents verts inc., a real estate company established in the Laurentians with nearly 175 million square feet squares of land across Quebec. This collaboration aims to diversify the offerings of both companies and create a mutually beneficial business dynamic.

Coming soon to the market:

Domaine du Cap-Vert : 

  • In the municipality of Grenville-Sur-la-Rouge.
  • 16 plots of land from 4,000m2 to 11,000m2.
  • Entirely wooded, in the heart of nature.
  • Zoned resort.
  • Access to Lake Grenville and its fishing club.
  • Hydro Quebec available for each lot.


Domaine du lac Familial :

  • In the municipality of Chénéville.
  • For individuals and investors.
  • 11 plots of land from 6,000m2 to 17,000m2.
  • In the heart of the mountains and entirely wooded.
  • Access to Family Lake
  • Zoned 4 plex, Hotel, Motel and Gite.
  • Hydro Quebec available for each lot.
  • Possibility of purchasing in a single lot


As part of this agreement, Constellations will offer a varied range of modular housing, up to 1,200 square feet, while La Société Immobilière Les Arpents verts inc. will make available a vast inventory of land across Quebec suitable for this type of development. This collaboration will allow both parties to reciprocally propose their offers, thus strengthening their presence in the Quebec real estate market.

François Turgeon, founding partner of Constellations, declares: “We are delighted with this collaboration with La Société Immobilière Les Arpents verts inc, which will strengthen our position in the Quebec real estate market and offer new opportunities to our respective clients. In addition, the development expertise of Arpents Verts real estate projects will be an important asset for the expansion of Constellations and its modular prefabricated offering.”

This collaboration will also launch two superb housing projects in the regions of Argenteuil and Outaouais with the Cape Verde project and the Domaine Familial project. The land will be on pre-sale on the Constellations and La Société Immobilière Les Arpents verts inc website. These two major projects will allow the two partners to combine their offering and create key momentum for their business development.

For his part, Alain Ross, President of Arpents Verts, adds: “This agreement will allow us to diversify our offering by putting forward prefabricated housing solutions with an innovative, energy-efficient and quality design in synergy with your ecological values. for sustainable development that is healthy for nature.”

For more information, please contact:

Francois Turgeon
Constellations Innovative Spaces
Telephone: 514-844-6655

Alan Ross
La Société Immobilière Les Arpents verts inc.
Telephone: 514-332-0202

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