Constellations launches the Tenji : The next step in ecopods evolution


Constellations continues to innovate and offers its new line of Tenji ecopods. This new product is inspired by the Kujuk but offers a simplified integration of the architectural concept of Constellations. The Tenji will be produced at Startup’s workshop this summer and will be deployed, among other places, at the reservoir Gouin in Québec.

The tenji will be of variable geometry. It is 10 feet wide and can be 12 to 28 feet long depending on the configuration. 

The Startup’s new product will have the same properties as the Kujuk ecopod which will offer a series of innovations and advantages over the competition:

  • Innovative architecture
  • Eco-responsibility
  • Modular Buildings
  • Integrated interior design
  • Unique experience
  • Prefabrication

The Tenji can be sold separately (in solo unit) or connected in a modular system allowing the addition of space (Arfan connector) according to the wishes of the customers. 



The Tenji + Arfan (modular system) is designed to create a unique multi-family space of 480 square feet consisting of 2 Tenji of 10×16, which serve as bedrooms and an Arfan of 16 x 10 which serves as a commune space (kitchen/living room). The Tenji + Arfan is completely insulated and offers a structure with eco-responsible components. The Tenji does not require foundations.

At Constellations, comfort and innovation guide our way of designing. We seek to produce alternative tiny spaces for alternative forms of living. The startup offers ecopods that stand out not only in their design, conception and materials, but also in their production and assembly process. 

Constellations Tenji Ecopod are not simply an attractive and enjoyable recreational accommodation option, their adoption is a statement of the forward-thinking values that will enable any owner to responsibly transition into the 21st century and post-carbon era.

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